Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To passionately turn challenges into solutions by collaborating with our customers and partners to create great valuable innovative products.

Our Vision

To have our products and solutions spread across all corners of the world contributing to preserve Earth resources and to build a better sustainable world.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity and transparency. Think differently to create innovation. Value partnerships. Safety first. Committed to our customers.

Our Story

A quick snapshot of what we have been doing since NGNS - Ingenious Solutions was founded in 2006.

New projects

  • In Brazil, installed Forest Fire Finder on top of 50m towers for surveillance of Suzano's eucaliptus plantations
  • ACS and ORS Frameworks concepts are created to better define NGNS market development approach

New applications for our technologies

  • Installed two new Forest Fire Finder stations in Vale's mining site in the Amazon rainforest
  • ACS Framework used to automate agricultural areas at Duorum, northern Portugal
  • A 2nd generation SmartH2O is installed to automate irrigation of green areas of Colombo Shopping Center, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Developed and implemented the automation of aromatic plant dryers based on ACS Framework 2nd generation technology

Forest Fire Finder covered area keeps growing

  • Thirteen Fire Finder stations, Forest and Industrial models, are installed at Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal, a protected mountain region
  • ACS - Adaptive Control System 2nd generation development is initiated

Forest Fire Finder crosses the Atlantic

  • A Forest Fire Finder on wheels is installed at a mining site of Vale - one of the largest mining companies in the world - at Amazon rainforest, Brazil
  • SmartH2O solution is installed at Cascais Shopping Center and Alfraparque Office Center, Portugal

Forest Fire Finder is ready to deploy

  • Forest Fire Finder - FFF for short - is ready to be commercialized
  • FFF is installed in Ourém, Portugal
  • FFF is installed in a green forest area near Madrid, Spain
  • First pilot installation of SmartH2O at Forum Algarve Shopping Center, Portugal
  • A FFF variation using thermal tecnology is installed at Portucel Soporcel's lumber deposits in Setúbal, Portugal

First ACS - Adaptive Control System instalation

  • ACS - Adaptive Control System is applied on automation of greenhouses of a major flower producer in Portugal
  • ACS technology evolves to a new product - SmartH2O - whose goal is saving water in irrigation systems

ACS - Adaptive Control System evolves to a commercial solution

  • ACS - Adaptive Control System is developed to automate greenhouses
  • Forest Fire Finder pilot instalations at Verín and Monterrei, Galicia, Spain

Forest Fire Finder pilot instalation in Spain

  • First Forest Fire Finder pilot instalation abroad, at Doñana National Park, Spain

First Forest Fire Finder full operational implementation

  • Modular version of the ACS - Adaptive Control System developed for the comercial version of Forest Fire Finder
  • Forest Fire Finder first full operational pilot instalation at Chamusca, Portugal
  • The use of spectrometry for fire detection is patented by NGNS

NGNS - Ingenious Solutions is born

  • NGNS - Ingenious Solutions is formed. The founders joined forces with a group of investors from different companies in several areas, HTAS - High Technology Advanced Solutions
  • A new long range fire detection approach is developed using spectrometry to chemically identify fire smoke in the air
  • Forest Fire Finder beta testers (3 systems) are installed at Serra do Alvão, Portugal
  • Design and implementation of first Forest Fire Finder control and monitorization solution (precursor of ACS Framework)

Who Are We

  • NGNS - Ingenious Solutions was formed in 2006 as a Research and Development company to bring to the market innovative, highly customizable, user friendly products and solutions. Nowadays, this approach is still deeply engrained in our way of working.
  • Over the years we had an average workforce of ten people, mainly engineers, web designers and software developers. This small team develops all our activities, from prototyping to final customer solutions.

Why Choose Us

  • Our Approach

    We are proud of the solutions we deliver. We constantly encourage each other to achieve excellence in all endeavours.
  • Our Attitude

    No matter what the obstacles encountered we constantly strive until we reach the project goals.
  • Our Experience

    We have an IT background in what we do best: investigation, research, development and implementation.
  • Our Support

    We are always at our client's side to ensure full support .
  • We Get Things Done

    So, what are you waiting for?

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What Clients Say

  • Alfonso Alarcos, www.radiotrans.com

    Innovative solutions to solve hard challenges.

  • Maria Azeredo Lobo, www.portugalglobal.pt

    aicep Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency has been following the process of internationalization of NGNS since 2007. More recently this agency have been scheduling business contacts with public and private entities in Greece, France, Italy, Turkey, USA, UAE, Mexico, and Chile to support the legitimate aspirations of an already proven technology successfully implement abroad.

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We are a technological company focused on research and development, mainly for smart automation, instrumentation to health and long range fire security applications, delivering best value solutions to our customers challenges.

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