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We Create Technology

Our motto is Create Technology.

Our focus is Research and Development.

Our philosophy is to approach problems from completely diferent angles, creating innovative solutions that contribute for a better sustainable world.

Start a project, make mistakes, fix them and start again until our goal is reached, creating technology all the way through.

Our three focus areas are Automation, Security and Health.

Why don't challenge us! We'll be thrilled to accept it.

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Nowadays automation is on the agenda of any business that wants to maximize productivity and minimize costs. NGNS - Ingenious Solutions realized this from the beginning and our R&D department have been building expertise on this area ever since.

We developed our own technology - ACS Framework - which is at the heart of most of our solutions. It differenciates us from the competition by being hugely flexible and extremely user friendly.

Most of the challenges we have accepted so far turned into partnerships that we follow along the life cycle of the product.

Challenge us! Our Team will be thrilled to accept it.

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NGNS-IS's SmartH2O system control board


Fire Finder with patented spectrometry analysis by NGNS-IS

For years we have been developing our patented Forest Fire Finder technology (spectrometric analisys) providing a state of the art solution to long range fire detection in the entire world. This technology still has much to evolve, with almost endless uses beyond fire detection. And we are on top of it!

At the same time, we are widening the scope of our research and development to new technologies, like thermal analysis, complemented with our own proprietary algorithms.

If you have a challenge just give us a call and we will make our best to provide you with a solution.

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Through one of our main partners, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, our research and development team have always had members in biomedical and biomechanical engineering. We already have several award winning projects developed. And we have more in the pipeline.

Challenge us! We'll be thrilled to accept it.

Applies to: biomedical instrumentation and artifacts.

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Keystroke Analyzer for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome study


We are a technological company focused on research and development, mainly for smart automation, instrumentation to health and long range fire security applications, delivering best value solutions to our customers challenges.

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