Forest Fire Finder

The forest fires afflict many countries and the recent years have testified this situation.

The new forest fire fighting philosophies include a speedy intervention during the fire initial stage and demand less material and human resources.

Notwithstanding the advantage of such measure, fire detection is still made in a non-systematic way, through visual analysis, which means that for an effective control of the forest it would be necessary people in the control towers permanently and/or hundreds of surveilors, working 24h a day.

Ideally, a warning system should be automatic, autonomous, fast and capable of indicating the precise spot where the combustion began.

Thus, NGNS-Ingenious Solutions developed , that makes the human observation unnecessary given its characteristics, and makes possible a considerable decrease of the fire fighting reaction time.

The Forest Fire Finder is characterized as unique, given the technology it uses, and presents .

Its versatility allows you to apply it on the coverage of a country’s forest area, on the protection of natural parks in a specific area, of council forest areas and of private wood production forests.

Portugal has been a pioneer on this system application. There are installed platforms in Portugal and it has already been internationalized, given the growing interest coming from other markets, such us Spain, Greece and Uruguay, as well as Chile, France, Italy, Turkey, Arabian Emirates and Tehran.