NGNS - Ingenious Solutions researcher receives Fraunhofer award

Bruno Ribeiro, biomedical engineer from FCT/UNL and researcher at NGNS - Ingenious Solutions is the winner of Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge MSc Category.

The paper awarded is entitled "SYPEC: Development of New Algorithms of Postural Classification and Correction" and is part of the project SYPEC - System for Postural Evaluation and Correction - funded by the QREN in a co-development between NGNS - Ingenious Solutions and Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL).

The ultimate goal of SYPEC is to develop a chair that can correct bad posture, contributing to a better postural education of users, avoiding some of the consequences arising from the adoption of potentially adverse postures.

The design was based on the assumption that a user would tend to self-correcting its position if it became highly uncomfortable - would be the discomfort induced change of conformation of the chair. This event brought an additional goal: that the entire evaluation process and postural correction followed from without the user might realize, ie, below the level of consciousness.

The work of Bruno Ribeiro and SYPEC team enabled the integration of a classifier of fuzzy logic in the posture correction system, which has brought an important element of system suitability for human use.

The Fraunhofer distinguishes the most innovative ideas that are being developed in Portuguese universities and which are market-oriented. TIC, multimedia and related sciences are the highlighted areas.


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