Long range early detection of forest fires

Early fire detection is critical to contain the damage it can cause and to avoid total devastation.

Our Forest Fire Finder solution can detect fires automatically within 5 minutes after their ignition, in a coverage radius of up to 15km and sends alerts to where needed, 24 hours a day.

After detection, the system maintains an active role during fire fighting assisting the decision makers for best use of allocated resources.

Our patented Forest Fire Finder (FFF) product is developed based on spetrometric analisys and on our ORS Framework; it is an important evolutionary leap in the long range detection of fires.

Additional shorter range fire protection for more sensitive areas can be addressed with our Industrial Fire Finder solution.

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Fires are inevitable but their consequences can be limited if early detected

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Key Features

Automatic Fast Detection

Runs autonomously to identify fires automatically in less than 5 minutes after the fire smoke elevates itself 5 degrees above the horizon line. It also gives the precise location of the fire by triangulation

Intuitive Web Control

System access is done by an intuitive web platform, on a pc, tablet or mobile phone, supporting comprehensive user management with different authorization levels and log actions.

Alerts Where Needed

Alerts displayed at the user interface can be configured to be sent by SMS, e-mail or comand-line or be integrated on another alert system or software

Long Rang Cover

Effectively detects fires up to 15km away using the spectrometric technology. For shorter ranges and/or special needs, our Industrial Fire Finder provides excellent protection

Accurate Fire Location

The exact fire location is obtained by triangulation using 2 Forest Fire Finder systems. With just one system the output is the azimuth of the detected fire, facilitating the localization with support from references on the ground and the image of the event

Powered by alternative energies

The system can be powered by alternative energy (solar) for a fully flexible implementation and coverage maximization

Easy instalation

Can be fully assembled off site and transported to its final location. There's also a mobile version and a movable version of the system that allows for easy relocation

Fire Monitoring

In addition to the fire detection function, each system records an image every 10s. At the command center, the fire can be monitored using these images. An optional pan & tilt remotely controlled video camera can also be used

Best Value for Money

A single system can cover, in ideal situations, up to 70.000 hectares (173.000 acres). That represents an investment as low as 1€ per hectare

Weather Monitoring

With the instalation of optional weather stations, collected data is used to determine fire hazards and support decision making for patterns and surveillance procedures

Maintenance Friendly

The ground stations have a watchdog system to monitor all components and give feedback whenever needed. Also the modular construction around a backbone facilitates repair operations

Remote customer Support

All systems can be assisted remotely at user or maintenance level, building confidence to maximize system performance


Control and Processing Unit

  • Spectrometer (optical signal analysis)
  • Industrial PC (signal processing and alarms)
  • Forest Fire Finder detection software
  • WatchDog (intelligent monitoring control system which continuously verifies all subsystems)
  • Redundant communication system

Optical Telescope

  • Long range optical system to enable spectrometric analysis

Optical Camera

  • Image capture for night detection and operator assistance during daytime

Pan & Tilt Camera (optional)

  • Independent remotely controlled Pan, Tilt & Zoom video camera. Allows command center operators to monitor fires in real time

Metereological Station (optional)

  • Allows for continuous metereological data acquisition. Among other uses, it is used to calculate the fire hazard index


  • Forests

    Forest fires are inevitable but their effects can be minimized if they are detected at an early stage. That is the purpose of our Forest Fire Finder.
  • Agricultural Farms

    Minimize the devastating effects of a fire in agricultural areas. Protect your investment.
  • Natural Parks

    Natural parks are protected areas for one reason: its value is irreplaceable. Period.
  • Industrial Parks

    On industrial parks that are surrounded by forests, our Forest Fire Finder can be a very useful tool to detect a fire while still far away, thus preventing it from spreading into the industrial area.
  • Residential Areas

    Residential areas, especially those surrounded by forest are particularly vulnerable in case of fire. Its early detection is the best possible response to dire situations.
  • Special Projects

    Projects out of the ordinary with great challenges? Those are what most motivates us. Contact us
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    Comparasion of Fire Detection Systems

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  • Fire detection through optical spectroscopic analysis. How does it work?

    Spectroscopy is the measurement of the interaction of light with various materials. By analyzing the amount of light absorbed by a certain material, we can determine what the material is made of. To detect a forest fire, we need to have a light source (the sun) and analize how different materials (typically clouds and smoke) absorb it. By measuring, at each moment, the sun light as it goes through the atmosphere, it is possible to determine the absorption characteristics of different materials and with that distinguish them. Clouds (which are basically water) will have different absorption characteristics than smoke (which is rich in carbon components). Since we know how smoke absorbs sun light, we can then apply our algorithms to determine wether or not a fire is present.
  • The background analysis area can be land, instead of the sky?

    For optical spectroscopy to work, it is fundamental to have a well-known reference light. For that reason, the analysis is made just above the horizon line, aiming for the sky. Since the light in the sky comes directly from the sun, that gives us a good reference light. When smoke appears in the field of view of the system it is possible to know exactly its absorption characteristics because the reference light is well known. With that information the smoke detection is made. Aiming the system to the ground makes it very hard to know the reference light, since it is the result of a reflection in an unknown material, as a tree for example. If smoke is also present, it is difficult to know its specific absorption and so detect it.
  • Does the system still work if there are clouds or fog?

    With overcast clouds, the System works without any significant decrease of the detection efficiency. However, if the sky has scateered or broken clouds, it is more difficult to determine the reference light. We have developed sophisticated algorithms that allow the system to do its work with a high level of accuracy. With fog, it depends on how thick it is; since the Forest Fire Finder system works in the visible light spectrum, the rule of thumb is: if a person can see the smoke, then the system can also analyze it.
  • Can the FFF can distinguish different types of smoke?

    The overall answer is yes, but with some limitations. Since the FFF is based on an optical spectroscopic method, it is in essence a chemical analysis system. It can, therefore, determine the concentration of different elements present in the smoke. However, due to the overall design characteristics of the system, the level of discrimination is not as accurate as in a laboratory spectrometer. So, the system won't distinguish the smoke of a pine tree from that of an eucalyptus, but it will know the difference between the smoke of burning trees and that of burning tires or plastics.
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