Accurate fire detection solution for sensitive areas

Early fire detection is critical to contain the damage it can cause and to avoid total devastation.

Our Industrial Fire Finder solution enhance the capabilities of thermal cameras with sophisticated algorithums to process sensitive areas, as industrial ones are, to detect fires and even potencial fires threats.

Our thermal camera based solution has a radius range of up to 2km and send alerts to where needed, 24 hours a day.

After detection, the system maintains an active role during fire fighting assisting the decision makers for best use of allocated resources.

Additional longer range fire protection can be addressed with our Forest Fire Finder solution.

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Industrial complexes are specially exposed to fire hazards

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Key Features

Automatic Fast Detection

Runs autonomously to identify a fire in a very early stage or even anticipate it

Intuitive Web Control

System access is done by intuitive web platform, on PC, tablet or mobile phone, supporting comprehensive user management with different authorization levels and action logs.

Alerts Where Needed

Alerts displayed at the user interface can be configured to be sent by SMS, e-mail or comand-line or be integrated on another alert system or software

Medium Range Cover

Effectively detects fires in a distance up to 2km. Additional protective perimeter up to 15km can be obtained with our Forest Fire Finder

Accurate Fire Location

The exact fire location is obtained by triangulation if at least two systems detect the fire. If the fire is detected by one system only the direction is determined, facilitating the locatization with support from references on the ground and the images of the event

Powered by alternative energies

The system can be powered by alternative energies for fully flexible implementation and maximized coverage

Easy instalation

Can be fully assembled off site and transported to its final location. There's also a mobile version and a movable version of the system that allows for easy relocation

Fire Monitoring

The fire can be monitored with the image sent by the system every 10s or with an optional [email protected] video camera operator controlled from the command center or mobile device at location.

Aditional Security Layer

Thermal cameras can easily identify suspected movements at the covered area

Weather Monitoring

With the instalation of optional weather stations, collected data is used to determine fire hazards and support decision making for patterns and surveillance procedures

Maintenance Friendly

The ground stations have a watchdog system to monitor all components and give feedback whenever needed. The modular-around-a-backbone construction greatly facilitates repair operations

Remote customer Support

All systems can be remotely accessed, greatly facilitating maintenance or user assistance


Control and Processing Unit

  • Industrial PC (signal processing and alarms)
  • Industrial Fire Finder detection software
  • WatchDog (intelligent monitoring control system which continuously verifies all subsystems)
  • Redundant communication system

Thermal Camera

  • For thermal image captures, used in algorithms fire detection processing

Optical Camera

  • For operator assistance and visual event checking

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera (optional)

  • Independent remotely controlled Pan, Tilt & Zoom video camera. Allows command center operators to monitor fires in real time

Metereological Station (optional)

  • Allows for continuous metereological data acquisition. Among other uses, it is used to calculate the fire hazard index


  • Industrial Parks

    Industrial parks are sensitive areas worth taking extra measures to fire control. Fire effects can be devastating unless early detected, allowing its quick extinction.
  • Manufacturing Sites

    Either from raw material piles, transformation processes or finished products, every corner of a manufacturing site is a potential fire threat.
  • Forests

    There are sensitive areas on a forest - rare ecosystems, that justify additional measures beyond Forest Fire Finder solution. The thermal technology used on our Industrial Fire Finder can identify threats anticipating new fires.
  • Agricultural Farms

    Minimize the devastating effects of a fire in agricultural areas. Protect your investment.
  • Residential Areas

    Residential areas, especially those surrounded by green areas are particularly vulnerable in case of fire. Its early detection is the best possible response to dire situations.
  • Natural Parks

    Natural parks are protected areas for one reason: its value is irreplaceable. The thermal technology from the Industrial Fire Finder is especially recommended for more sensitive areas.
  • Special Projects

    Projects out of the ordinary with great challenges? Those are what most motivates us. Contact us
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    Comparation of Fire Detection Systems

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  • Fire detection using thermal images. How it works?

    In a thermal image, the temperature of the object being imaged is coded in color or intensity. Quite often this images show hot objects in red and cold ones in blue. To do fire detection using thermal imaging, the simplest approach is to define a temperature threshold above which is considered fire. This solution works only, if it is guaranteed that the environment does not have hot spots that can confuse the camera, has often happens in industrial environments.
  • Industrial environments can have a lot of hot sports. How to differentiate a fire?

    In an industrial environment it is common to have hot spots, that reach hundreds of degrees and are not a fire. As example, chimneys or open frame engines. A detection system based in simple temperature threshold is not enough.
  • What is the range of thermal system

    As in all system based in image, the range is dependent of two factors, resolution of the camera and field of view. As practical example, if it is intended to detect a 1 sq meter fire and we have two cameras available, with 320 by 240 pixels with a field of view of 8.6º and 30º, the first one will have a range of 2127m, and the second one of 597m.
  • If a thermal detection system can have so narrow field of view, hot to cover larger areas?

    In order to increase de field of view of a thermal system the most practical solution is to install it over a pan&tilt platform. This method have as many vantages: the coverage area com have a complex shape, the NGNS dynamic analysis algorithms are design to work with in this setups and it is more affordable because it is not necessary duplicate expensive thermal cameras
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