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Agri Automation is a automation solution for new and existing agriculture installations providing centralized control through a web page and real time reporting.

Built from our ACS Framework aims to promote eficiency within the agricultural exploitation, by optimizing resources consumption and maximize productivity. A step into precise agriculture.

The solution, scalable up to devices, uses an "if - then" approach to provide actions based on sensor readings. The web interface, simple and user friendly, provides the perfect access point to have the full control literally on your sight.

All solutions are fully customizable to customer requirements.

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Seeking maximum productivivity out of constant changing scenarios doesn't have to be complicated.

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Key Features

Access from Anywhere

The system is always accessible and remotely controllable via website on a PC, tablet ou smartphone. It will also accept commands via text messages


Each system will have custom made reports, according to client specifications


A multitude of alerts can be programmed, covering all the processes that are monitored

Modular and scalable

The system can be easily expandable, adding local control modules do the ACS main controller, which will act as a centralized hub

Adjustable Parameters

Adapts to any location. All parameters are adjustable to client requirements


Careful selection of industrial grade components make the system reliable for intensive use in difficult environments

Customer Support

Customer support can be provided remotely for faster assistance


The system is continuously updated to ensure the best performance and the integration of new technologies

User Friendly

Intuitive, modern and friendly interface to maximize user experience and productivity


Main Controller

  • Centralizes all operations and data on web server
  • Allows the configuration and control of the entire system
  • Manage users and access control
  • Allows rules management for all sensors and actuators
  • Sends SMS alarms, schedule and on-demenad reports

Local Controllers

  • Allows the manual control of all actuators. Permits the individual query of each sensor (through push buttons)
  • In the unlikey event of a communications failure with the main cntroller, actions can be initiated in the local controllers
  • Uses PLC or RF decoders

Weather Station (Optional)

  • Necessary for weather related smart actions
  • Autonomous and with remote web access
  • Allows monitoring of wind direction and speed, temperatures, relative humidity, begin/end and quantity of rainfall


  • Agriculture

    General repetitive agriculture activities such as irrigation
  • Floriculture

    Operation of greenhouses, irrigation systems and other activities in the flower industry can benefit from the automation and reporting capabilities of this product
  • Municipalities

    Operation and control of infrastructures
  • IF/THEN Operations

    Wherever a IF/THEN approach is applicable, with inputs from sensors and outputs to actuators
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  • Documentation

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  • Can it be installed in an existing infrastructure?

    Yes, the solution can be applied to any existing infrastructure
  • Any special requirements?

    The main controller needs access to the power grid and internet
  • Can the system grow over time?

    Yes. One of the main features is the scalabiliy. Sensors and actuators can be added any time
  • Is this solution a cost saver?

    Yes. By optimizing activities, permitting remote control and reporting it definitely reflects positively on the resources expenditure.
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