Hybrid Solar Drying System

bLACK.bLOCK® dryers are a reliable cost-effective solution in the implementation of drying / dehydrating systems. It uses an inexhaustible resource of energy - the Sun - to provide a quality drying and greatly decrease the use of electricity, gas or fuel.

bLACK.bLOCK® reduces energy costs by up to 80% compared with traditional drying systems.

NGNS was challenged to find a solution for the automation of the bLACK.bLOCK® process. The hardware and software solution was developed in record time using our ACS Framework, and keeps evolving based on customers feedback.

O bLACK.bLOCK® was the winner of 2015 EDP (Electricidade de Portugal) Innovation Award

bLACK.bLOCK - Hybrid Solar Dryer System

bLACK.bLOCK® solutions reduce energy costs up to 80% compared to traditional drying systems

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Key Features

Fast Implementation

Fast implementation with our proven ACS Framework technology

Access Anywhere

Embedded webserver allows access and remote control from any place with internet service


Drying curve (humidity and temperature), actuactors status (dehumidifier, fan, valve, heater). Data exportable to Excel


Extreme humidity and temperature alerts

Adjustable Parameters

System parameters and thresholds are adjustable to constantly maximize chosen drying curves


Developed with carefully selected industrial components to support extreme conditions

ECO Friendly

Special low power components reduce the ecological footprint

Remote Updates

Upgradable via remote firmware updates

User Friendly

Intuitive and self explanatory interfaces turns every user's first experience into a breeze


TThese are the components of the NGNS engineered automation solution, developed and produced to fulfill the bLACK.bLOCK®product requirements. More information can be obtained from the specific product site at www.blackblock.eu

Main Controller

  • Centralizes all data
  • Incorporates webserver permiting remote access for control, configuration and report
  • Receives data from temperature and humidity sensors

Two Actuators (Expandable)

  • Each actuator can control most equipments

Three Sensors (Expandable)

  • Industrial grade temperature and humidity sensor (with LCD display)


  • Industrial weatherproof enclosure for easy installation and maintenance


  • Industrial Uses

    The bLACK.bLOCK® drying process solution can be used in a multitude of environments / industries, like aromatic and medicinal plants, dried fruits, or any product that needs to be dehyrated or dryed.
  • Domestic Uses

    The bLACK.bLOCK® process can also be adapted to heat up small enclosed areas, such as rooms, offices, storage rooms, etc.
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  • How is NGNS involved with bLACK.bLOCK®?

    NGNS accepted Matéria Verde challenge to engineer, develop and produce bLACK.bLOCK® which we made in record time using our ACS Framework
  • How can I obtain more information about bLACK.bLOCK®?

    You can contact us or consult bLACK.bLOCK® website at www.blackblock.eu
  • I have an idea and need some automation expertise. How can know more about ACS Framework and NGNS services?

    Great! We would like to hear it from you. Just send us a sign using our contacts on the this website.
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