The Smart Irrigation Solution

SmartH2O® is a smart irrigation management system which, by optimizing the plant's watering needs, reduces the consumption of water and electricity, decreases operational costs and shortens the investment payback.

SmartH2O® calculates the evapotranspiration (the water loss of a plant caused by transpiration and evaporation) that occurs in irrigated areas, thus determining just the amount of water needed to maintain the plants healthy.

The system fully controls the water flow (by opening or closing electro valves and other components of the irrigation system), reducing water consumption, in each sector, up to 50%.

NGNS, in partnership with Jardins do Paço, developed the engineering and automation areas of the SmartH2O® system. The hardware and software solutions were developed in record time using our ACS Framework. And they keep evolving, based on customers feedback.

SmartH2O - The Smart Irrigation Solution

Key Features

Fast Implementation

Fast implementation with our proven ACS Framework technology

Access Anywhere

Access and remotely control the system from any place with an internet connection. The system can also receive commands and reply via text messages.


Water consumption, actual & forescast, and many more graphs, alerts and other.


Leakages, breakdowns, lack of water, weather related and many more


Uses the Fao Penman-Monteih equation to calculate more realistic results

Adjustable Parameters

Adapts to location. Can be used with ornamental plants and agriculture

Automatic Bypass of Watering Cycle

In the event it rains, the system will bypass one or more watering cycles, thus saving additional water.


Single system can manage up to 1600 actuators

Always Updated

SaaS guarantees that the management software is always up to date


Developed with carefully selected industrial components to handle extreme conditions

SaaS Console

Management console is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), reducing initial investment

User Friendly

Intuitive and self explanatory interface turns every user's first experience into a breeze


These are the components of the automation solution engineered, developed and produced to fulfill the requirements for the SmartH2O® product. More information can be obtained from the specific product site at

Main Controller

  • Centralizes all data
  • Enables the configuration and control of the entire system
  • Enables the setup of different watering schedules
  • Sends text messages (with GPRS)
  • Allows for direct connections to multiple sensors
  • Controls the electro valves

Local Controller

  • Provides consumption, alarm, faults and watering schedule information
  • Allows for the direct connections to multiple sensors
  • Controls the electro valves
  • Can use PLC decoders (with 4 electro valves each) or RF decoders (with 8 electro valves each)

Weather Station

  • Autonomous and with remote access

SaaS Control Panel

  • Management user interface provided as software as a service
  • User management capability
  • Records historical data
SmartH2O Layout Scheme


  • Property Managers

    Green areas increase the value of properties and make them more attractive. However, its maintenance may be very high. The larger the area the greater this problem becomes. With SmartH2O, you keep maintenance costs under your control.
  • Municipalities and Associations

    SmartH2O's intelligent water management capabilities will allow municipalities and associations to greatly reduce the loss of water and significantly increase the efficiency of their irrigation systems.
  • Landscape Designers and Professionals

    Landscape designers and professionals will be able to develop and maintain better cost-efficient green areas.
  • Agriculture

    Since agriculture is one of the activities with the highest consumption of water, SmartH2O will be able to generate even greater savings in water, fertilizers and related consumables.
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  • Control Panel Screenshots

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  • How is NGNS involved with SmartH2O®?

    NGNS, using our own ACS Framework, engineered, developed and produced all hardware and software areas of the SmartH2O® product. Our partner, Jardins do Paço, is responsible for the detailed programming of the watering needs of the final client as well as for the system commercialization and installation.
  • What is evapotranspiration?

    Evapotranspiration is a plant's loss of water due to evaporation and transpiration.
  • What is the Fao Penman-Monteih equation?

    The FAO Penman-Monteith equation is a formula that calculates the evapotranspiration of a plant based on several physical and physiological factors
  • I already have an irrigation system but misses this smart approach. Can I upgrade to SmartH2O solution?

    Yes. SmartH2O solution can be implemented at any existing infrastructure.
  • How can I obtain more information about SmartH2O®?

    You can contact us or consult SmartH2O® website at
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